Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wooden Boat Photo

I saw this tired old girl while snooping around a local yard. The owner was "patching her up" in hopes of making a voyage to Central America where "proper repairs" could be effected. The vessel was riddled with worms and rot. The structural integrity of the hull was in question while blocked in the yard. Imagine that hull working in stormy waters. The closing entry ffrom the Voyage Log might read..."Leaking from every butt and seam as bilge pumps failed, I watched in horror as my bow plunged under a heavy swell and broke free allowing the raging sea to doom her..." Ain't it a shame to go sailing on Sunday...when you could have saved us all the trouble an just took up Olympic knitting instead. - El Jefe

Wood...a fine medium for boat building. Choosing the right wood is however extremely important. Exterior grade plywood over rotten wood has not ever been and will never be an acceptable repair on any vessel. Rumor has the owner of this schooner is planning a trip to Central America for cheap labor to "repair her right" Bring a raft and an EPIRB or you may meet a rescue swimmer...

Medium Exploration

COMMUNICATION: \ke-myu-ne-ka-shen\ 3 Exchange of information or opinions: 4 means of communicating

I am going to attempt to build a comms medium and explore this blog phenom. This site is under construction. Please be patient.

El Jeje